Super Simple Marketing Plan Preparation

marketing scrabbleIn the last post about the Super Simple Business Plan, I explained how important it is to be thorough yet quick to get your business going or reinvented — money loves speed.  Business is moving so quickly these days that those who waffle will be left in the dust — as will those who don’t see where things are headed in their market.

Today’s post is all about a super simple marketing plan.  I am a Guerrilla Marketing practitioner who learned from the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  I am the best-selling author of Guerrilla Tourism Marketing which I wrote, published and marketed in 2012.   One of the Guerrilla Marketing concepts is to create a simple marketing plan, which will be the subject of the next post (so be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed!)

To prepare for your super simple marketing plan, answer the following questions.

Super Simple Marketing Plan Preparation

What Are Your Business Goals for Your Desired Lifestyle?

Express your business goals, in terms of the amount of income (profit) you want each month and the number of days off you want each month.  Regardless of your current situation, write down what your goals are.

Year One

The amount of net profit I want is $_____________________ per month.

I want ___________ days off each month.

Year Three

The amount of net profit I want is $_____________________ per month.

I want ___________ days off each month.

Year Five

The amount of net profit I want is $_____________________ per month.

I want ___________ days off each month.

What Products Will I sell?  To Whom?

You should be thinking of multiple products to sell, from easy decisions through to large commitment.

We are going to sell [What product/service] to [Ideal Customer]  because it solves [specific problem they are urgently needing a solution for] problem for them.  We are going to charge [$x and frequency] for this product and service.

We are going to sell _____________________ to _________________________ because it solves _________________________________ problem for them.  We are going to charge ____________________________________ for this product and service.

Do this for every product / service you intend to offer.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Business With You? 

This list is extremely important because you will list all the reasons why your customers will benefit by doing business with you.  Be bold, be brave, stick out your chest and give it a double-fist-thump.  Now, in the next three minutes, list every possible benefit you can think of.  Just brain-dump, do not edit at this point.

The benefits of doing business with my company are:

What Are Your Competitive Advantages?

From the list you just created, there are many benefits that will also apply to your competitors.  So choose the items where you are different than your competitors.  This is what you’ll focus on in your marketing campaigns.  It is your positioning.  That is a huge competitive advantage and great for positioning.

What Are Your Target Markets?

The more markets where you can target your marketing, the more profits you will earn.  You may have only one target market but many of us have more than one market.

What is your Customer Lifetime Value (CLT)?

Customer Lifetime Value is how much a customer will be worth to you over the number of years they are your customer. Note that you may not know this now but it is a metric that you need to track

What Is Your Elevator Pitch?

Imagine you got into an elevator and someone asked you what you do.  In the time it takes to get to your floor you need to express yourself in a compelling, unique and intriguing way that will make them hold the door to ask you for more information.   So, what do you do?  What is your elevator pitch? 

What do you think of this Super Simple Marketing Plan preparation?  

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