What is a S.T.A.R. Reinvention?


People ask me all the time “What is the difference between reinvention and adaptation?” and my answer is that adaptation is like a chameleon whereas reinvention is like a caterpillar.

The chameleon adapts and changes according to its surroundings yet you always recognize it as a chameleon.  On the other hand, the caterpillar is unrecognizable when it becomes a butterfly.

Reinvention is the same — you don’t just adapt, your reinvention process makes you unrecognizable to those who knew you or your business beforehand.

For those who choose to reinvent their health, the physical changes will be like night and day.  When someone leaves a dysfunctional relationship, you will notice a huge change in the person physically, emotionally and mentally.  For business owners who reinvent their business — their business model, product line, service standards, corporate culture, marketing strategies or operations, the change is obvious to everyone.

So why do some reinventions work and others don’t?

Part of the equation is the commitment of the person leading the reinvention, however the main reason is that they lack the four pillars of a successful reinvention.

S = Sustainable

T = Transformational

A = Attractive

R = Resourceful


I think it goes without saying that a reinvention that isn’t sustainable shouldn’t be attempted.   As I mentioned above, your commitment is the first step.  However, can you keep going over the long term?  How innovative is your reinvention?  Having a focus on sustainability is the key for a S.T.A.R Reinvention.


A reinvention transforms lives — your life and the lives of those around you.  A S.T.A.R. reinvention transforms those lives in a positive way.

If you are reinventing your business, your employees lives will be transformed — especially when you adopt a culture which supports employee engagement (changing culture is hard but not impossible).  When you reinvent your business it will transform the lives of your customers when you adopt a customer-centric focus delivered by engaged employees.  Your vendors will be transformed — some will no longer be needed, replaced by others more aligned to your new vision.  Your strategic alliance partners will be transformed too as you give them more to work with.


A S.T.A.R. Reinvention is attractive — it attracts the people you want to have around you.  Employees, vendors, customers, strategic partners, friends, lovers — they want to support you and your vision for your reinvention.


When you tap into what is already inside you, what you already have and what is available to you, your reinvention is a whole lot easier.  S.T.A.R. reinventionists are always resourceful in a positive way!

What lessons do you take from this post?

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About the Author

Carol Wain is the founder and leader of many brands which help leaders to create more profitable businesses that transform lives and positively impact our planet. She is an author, speaker, trusted advisor and mentor who won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003.

Carol is passionate about reinventing business to become a force for good — positive businesses which respect, appreciate, encourage and support the right employees who voluntarily use their discretionary effort to bring the vision, purpose, platform, personality, passion and core values to life; businesses which create useful, meaningful and valuable products, services and experiences which improve the lives of people; and businesses which support communities, take a stand and have a higher purpose.

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