Carol’s Media Appearances

Carol is a multi-passionate person and entrepreneur. She mentors, teaches and consults from her heart and from her experiences. Carol doesn’t believe in thinking outside the box because there really isn’t a box. Are you curious to find more about Carol Wain and get to know her better? We invite you to watch interviews or read articles below where Carol shares her personal and professional story of reinvention. Relaunch-Logo

Journey to a Location Free Lifestyle – Carol Wain

Carol shares the story of how to create your ideal business and life, get creative in your job and journey to a location free lifestyle. Click here to go to the podcast page

Interview With Luke Charlton

Carol contributing to the topic: Imagine what it would be like to reinvent yourself and at the same time completely transform your business into higher profits.

Interview with Carly Alyssa Thorne

Carol talks about reinvention skills and the tools necessary to reinvent oneself on “We Plus You” ~ Straight talk about Conscious Business.

Interview with Adrian Shepherd

Carol shares her story along with some powerful tips for anyone wanting to reinvent themselves either professionally or personally.

Interview with Kelly Orchard

Carol shares her knowledge about reinvention and how she learned to go with the flow when opportunities presented themselves even when she had no clue as to where this was going to take her.

Interview with Joel Boggess

Carol shares the story of reinventing her business and shares tips on how to reinvent personally and professionally. Click here to go to the podcast page

Carol’s Interviews With Other Specialists and Experts

Visit Carol’s YouTube Channel to watch her interviews Visit The Reinvention Show’s YouTube Channel to watch other interviews.

Print Media

fs-local-m Interview with FS Local MOMpreneur: Carol Wain of World Incentive Network
sp-m Interview with Selling Power Magazine Do More With Less (More Or Less)
tmr-m Quoted in Travel Market Report The Great Comeback: Incentive Travel Rebounds
pipmag-m Quoted in Premium Incentive Products Navigate Your Way to Global Employee Engagement
Incentive-Mag Quoted in Incentive Magazine Report: Incentive Travel Succeeds During Recession
cvr-logo Article in Comox Valley Record Award-Winning Entrepreneur releases guerrilla tourism marketing
cvr-logo Article in Comox Valley Record New appointee joins Comox Valley airport board
cvr-logo Article in Comox Valley Record Increase profits, improve relationships
cvr-logo Article in Comox Valley Record A WIN for social marketing consulting

Contributor to Return on Performance Magazine

Carol was a contributor to Return on Performance Magazine rop-mag-min

Contributor to The Singapore Marketer Magazine

Carol is a contributor to the Singapore Marketer Magazine singapore-mag-min Customer loyalty article Direct Marketing article For media inquiries and full access to our page featuring Carol’s image gallery, please contact or call 1-877-206-9950.