Letting Go Is Never Easy

Woman_Releasing_BirdSending our children off is one of those bittersweet moments.

We love them, we encourage them, we support them, we nurture them, we inspire them to be the best they can be… and then we have to let them go.

However, as we’re doing all the above, we never think about how much it’s going to hurt.

I’m crying just typing this but when we’ve done a great job being a parent, mentor, advisor, teacher, cheerleader, confidant, adversary, shit-upon-person — all in preparation so they can be better than we were at their age — it still hurts as we watch them take those next steps.

We still worry. We never stop worrying….

But, as we have proven to our parents, they (and we) survive.

Yes, we all have bumps in the road.

We all have heartbreak and WTF stupidity at times.

However, we each follow our own path.  It’s often windy and sometimes rather f*cked up but it’s our path nonetheless.

And our role now becomes almost redundant — never completely but certainly not the same.

We are free to be us again and to follow the dreams we couldn’t do earlier.

It’s our time to shine in our own greatness, through experience and heartache, joy and utter gratitude for bringing beautiful people into this world who are embarking on their journey while we create our legacy project (whatever that may be).

Sending you hugs Moms and Dads


About the Author

Carol Wain is the founder and leader of many brands which help leaders to create more profitable businesses that transform lives and positively impact our planet. She is an author, speaker, trusted advisor and mentor who won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003.

Carol is passionate about reinventing business to become a force for good — positive businesses which respect, appreciate, encourage and support the right employees who voluntarily use their discretionary effort to bring the vision, purpose, platform, personality, passion and core values to life; businesses which create useful, meaningful and valuable products, services and experiences which improve the lives of people; and businesses which support communities, take a stand and have a higher purpose.

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