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As an entrepreneur, Carol Wain has created a number of brands which focus on integrating engagement, sustainability, and both personal and business performance.

She works with individuals in leadership and management roles and with aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to leverage the power of business to create positive change.

The transformation these individuals wish to see generally falls into one of these categories:

  • To become a better employer with employees who are inspired by the vision and higher purpose of the company
  • To transform their business to be more environmentally responsible
  • To increase their bottom-line profit while also becoming a better corporate citizen
  • To leverage their knowledge and skills to make life better for specific people – sometimes transforming their business to become a social enterprise, sometimes to become purpose-driven
  • To build engagement with customers and prospects with exceptional customer experience, shared higher-purpose, and stories that inspire
  • To embark on a personal reinvention more aligned with values, purpose, strengths and vision.

Each client is unique and she starts where they are and creates a plan to get them to a more sustainable, more purpose and values-driven and more fulfilling future.

Highlights of Carol’s Career so far:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2003
  • Best Selling Author – Guerrilla Tourism Marketing Book
  • Speaker and workshop facilitator
  • Creator of business transformation projects
  • Serial Entrepreneur across a variety of industries — Incentive program management software company (Nexcentec), Event company (Marquee Events), Marketing company (Marquee Marketing), and her current brands World Incentive Network, Marquee Incentives, & Enlightened Capitalist
  • Sold reward and recognition programs with annual budgets of up to $2 million

Contact Carol to see if you are a good fit for each other. 



Hello and Welcome to My Website!

If you are looking for a mentor, advisor, facilitator or speaker to guide you to improve personal and business performance, sustainability and relationships you’ve come to the right place.

I have been helping owner/operators, professional service providers and corporate decision-makers to improve their business results since 1996 and I’ve been helping individuals align their work with their purpose, vision, and values since 2016.

When I won Entrepreneur of the Year for my Incentive Company, Marquee Incentives, I was living a good life, spending time with my husband and young girls, travelling often, working almost regular hours, and basically enjoying life in alignment with my values. Everything appeared to be perfect….

And then it wasn’t.

During the Recession, my business took a hit and so did my BEING.  I blamed myself for things that were out of my control and I started to question everything.

It was a painful climb out of that hole but the lessons I learned along the way set me up to teach and guide others so they can live their lives on purpose, feeling fulfilled, and being kind to themselves and the planet.

As the world continues to change far faster than most business leaders can keep up with, we need to change some beliefs and habits and reinvent some business basics.

We need to ensure we are focusing on ourselves as well as our businesses in ways that are sustainable.

AND We need to ensure that we’re leveraging business to create value for ourselves, the people who support the business and for the planet.

It’s not easy but it’s necessary and doable and I’m here to help.

If BEING Good, DOING Good, AND DOING Well sounds like something you are interested in I encourage you to reach out.

My approach is to focus on you as an individual first to ensure we’re not about to create something that is unsustainable for you.  Then we’ll go through a similar process with your work/business.

If you would like to get on a call to see if we are a good fit for each other or if you have other needs, please use the calendar to book a time.

Always remember to be true to yourself and use your talents to make the world a better place.


You are an individual with a burning desire to make a difference

You are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, professional service provider, local business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or employee who is looking for guidance and support to create or reinvent your business to attract, engage and retain people who are aligned with your vision, purpose, higher-purpose and values.

You want to create a legacy which makes a difference in the lives of others, while positively impacting our planet.

You are tired of the fallacy that meeting short-term numbers means the business is successful.

You understand that success is much more — it’s about people, being sustainable, adding actual value to customer’s lives, lessening our environmental footprint, growing and developing leaders, making decisions which ensure the long term health of the organization (and its employees), creating positive experiences, seeing the trends and acting on them before others, and it’s about creating a high-performing culture so there is more profit to create a bigger impact.  


Through her Brands:

If you are looking for a business performance improvement plan which challenges, recognizes, appreciates and rewards employees OR if you are looking for a sales incentive program for your sales team or channel partners go to Marquee Incentives, which specializes in employee engagement, sales incentives and channel partner engagement programs.

If you are interested in joining other individuals who are striving to make the world and their own lives better by transforming business OR if you are looking to start a new business in this area go to Enlightened Capitalist, which supports, educates and advocates for the individuals who lead initiatives that reinvents business and transforms lives.


Carol shares her knowledge and expertise with 1 committed client at a time, in the role of a Fractional Business Transformation Officer. 

What is a Fractional Business Transformation Officer?

Carol’s definition of a Business Transformation Officer is a specialist that works with the C-Suite and Senior Executives to identify strategy, vision, values, priorities and goals that transform the organization holistically and sustainably.  Most transformation projects fail because they haven’t contemplated all the variables — including the extremely important people component.   They also fail because the plans can often be siloed which fails to contemplate the impact to other departments or regions.

Carol approaches business transformation looking at the business from the outside in (as a customer, potential partner or investor, and as a casual observer) and from the inside out (what is it really like to be employed by the company — in a similar way to what leaders learn on the TV show “Undercover Boss”).  She pays particular attention to the culture and the dynamics within the organization to limit the possibility of power struggles, apathy and conscious or unconscious sabotage.

Her plans help leadership to connect with the people that will ensure success and to identify the people that need to be convinced.  

Fractional means that Carol works 40 hours a month in 3 month blocks so that you are supported while you work through the process with your team. 

So when you hire Carol as a Fractional Business Transformation Officer you have top-level support to create and implement a business transformation plan that contemplates the impact to the entire organization as well ensuring a sustainable long-term business case with short-term wins that keep momentum going.

Speaker and Facilitator

Hire Carol as a keynote speaker

Carol also facilitates workshops that help individuals with specific topics related to the work she does

  • Starting a transformational business,
  • Expanding reach and marketing effectiveness,
  • Improving sales through joint ventures, channel partners, and other mutually beneficial relationships,
  • Increasing engagement,
  • Enhancing customer experience, and
  • Becoming more sustainable and a better corporate citizen aka an Enlightened Capitalist

Carol is hired by organizations to facilitate these workshops and she also — depending on her schedule — holds specific workshops in select locations throughout the year.

Carol’s toolbox is filled with a huge variety of tools, techniques and wise practices that she has learned and created over the past 24 years. There are absolutely no cookie cutters in the toolbox though. Everything she works on is agreed upon based on extensive needs analysis and no two projects are alike.



Are you looking to reinvent your life or transform your business? Check out the Reinvention Show with Carol Wain.




Email: Carol@CarolWain.com

Phone: 1-877-206-9950

Mail:  PO Box 562, Lazo, BC V0R 2K0