10 Customer Engagement Ideas

Build a community… We’d all love to have the same level of customer engagement as Harley Davidson but the reality is that it’s a lot of work.  Besides, how many of us have products that are cool enough to be tattooed on your head?  When you build your community around you, your community will support you and you’ll have higher levels of customer engagement.

Harley TattooListen… your customers are trying to tell you about themselves and about your products and organization. When you listen, then act accordingly, you will work toward customer engagement one person at a time.  Social Media is a fantastic vehicle for listening and responding.

Marry the information collected from the myriad of touch points and databases with the key to customer engagement… attitudinal data. After all, if you don’t know the emotion / attitudes behind a purchase how will you gain “the heart” of your customer?

Customer Engagement Ideas:

  1. Embrace Facebook, Twitter, online opinion forums. Open your minds, set parameters and engage in dialogue.
  2. Hold a contest.  Make sure it’s fun and engaging.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to participate and the reward should be desirable.  Afterwards, ask the winner to create a testimonial for your brand.  What better way to build fan engagement and customer engagement?
  3. On Facebook, choose a Fan-of-the-week and show them some love by featuring them on your wall.  You may even choose to reward them with a gift/prize.
  4. Create your own Social Network as part of your website
  5. A traditional customer engagement tool is a loyalty program: points for purchase, discount for purchase, bonus products on purchase; reward for referrals etc.
  6. Text marketing loyalty campaigns:  ask your customers to sign up for your VIP club and then send them specials that are only available to the Mobile VIP Club through their mobile phone.  Not only will you have exclusivity, which can create customer engagement but you can also boost your sales.
  7. On the subject of mobile.  Create a scavenger hunt, using https://www.scvngr.com/,  geocaching.com or opencaching.com (this is for Garmin GPS users only).  Scavenger hunts are fun and can really build a community around your business
  8. Create a mobile app that provides content the user wants, with the bonus being that you push VIP Club promotions to them (e.g. come to the restaurant today and receive a free appetizer or dessert; Surprise guest is jamming in the club tonight, the first 20 VIP members and up to 3 guests can join the VIP line
  9. Ask your customers to provide testimonials.  Video is best, Audio is second best, online reviews next and good old-fashioned paper testimonials work too!
  10. Continually focus on your “TALK Factor”.  This are your best community building traits: Trustworthy – Accessible – Likeable and Knowledgeable

Special Events for Increasing Customer Engagement:

    1. Hold a celebration in store;
    2. Create invite-only access to lecture / conference / educational session;
    3. Treat customers to major league games, concerts, performances etc.;
    4. Host a group travel program for large volume, most profitable customers;
    5. For B2B customers, create a series of webinars for your customers
    6. Host a Meet-up, Twitter Party or Google Hangout


What are YOU doing to increase your customer engagement?  Tell me below in the comments!


Carol Wain is a leadership consultant, trainer, mentor, speaker, best-selling author and Entrepreneur of the Year 2003.  She is the founder of  Marquee Incentives, Marquee Marketing, Marquee Experiences, Marquee Events and Carol Wain International, which provide consulting, training and related products and services that transform businesses.  

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Carol is an author, speaker, trusted advisor and mentor who won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003.

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