Her ideas were always exactly what we needed

Alhassan Elbarasse

Carol’s work with us was always top notch. I always felt comfortable allowing her to speak to senior management. Her ideas were always exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know at first what we needed. I would work with Carol again in a heartbeat.

Alhassan Elbarasse

Working with Carol was and continues to get me inspired

Chris Flynn

Working with Carol was and continues to get me inspired and excited about moving forward with my marketing plans. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for our business having Carol in our corner!

Chris Flynn

Carol is a forward thinker

David Sand

Carol is a true incentive professional, we have collaborated on global project proposals and are both members of the IMA and SITE two professional associations in the incentive field. Carol is a forward thinker and has developed cutting-edge technology that adds value to her clients. Keep Winning Carol.

David Sand

Takes you from the idea stage to completed book in record time

Jim Chianese

If you are an Author, want to become and author, or if you just understand what writing a book could do for your business or career, then you need to work with Carol. She can take you from the idea stage to completed book in record time. Plus, where most authors fall short is marketing their book. Carol’s systems and coaching will make you a bestselling author and expose a whole new world of 6 and 7 figure opportunities that most authors and coaches never even knew existed. Jump Start Your Success, Work with Carol Now.

Jim Chianese


If you are looking for a mentor, advisor, facilitator or speaker to guide you to improve personal and business performance, sustainability and relationships you’ve come to the right place.

I have been helping owner/operators, professional service providers and corporate decision-makers to improve their business results since 1996 and I’ve been helping individuals align their work with their purpose, vision, and values since 2016.

When I won Entrepreneur of the Year for my Incentive Company, Marquee Incentives, I was living a good life, spending time with my husband and young girls, travelling often, working almost regular hours, and basically enjoying life in alignment with my values. Everything appeared to be perfect….

And then it wasn’t.

During the Recession, my business took a hit and so did my BEING.  I blamed myself for things that were out of my control and I started to question everything.

It was a painful climb out of that hole but the lessons I learned along the way set me up to teach and guide others so they can live their lives on purpose, feeling fulfilled, and being kind to themselves and the planet.

As the world continues to change far faster than most business leaders can keep up with, we need to change some beliefs and habits and reinvent some business basics.

We need to ensure we are focussing on ourselves as well as our businesses in ways that are sustainable.

AND We need to ensure that we’re leveraging business to create value for ourselves, the people who support the business and for the planet.

It’s not easy but it’s necessary and doable and I’m here to help.

If BEING Good, DOING Good, AND DOING Well sounds like something you are interested in I encourage you to reach out.

My approach is to focus on you as an individual first to ensure we’re not about to create something that is unsustainable for you.  Then we’ll go through a similar process with your work/business.

If you would like to get on a call to see if we are a good fit for each other or if you have other needs, please use the calendar to book a time.

Always remember to be true to yourself and use your talents to make the world a better place.


I’m a self-taught entrepreneur who followed my desire to be free from stupid rules and policies, dysfunctional silos, inefficient practices, uninspiring leaders, bad managers and a dog-eat-dog culture. 

Throughout my 20+ year entrepreneur journey I’ve had tremendous successes – Microsoft was my first client. I sold programs with annual budgets ranging from $100k to $2m. I earned 2 significant referral fees for making connections.  I won Entrepreneur of the Year 2003. I became a best-selling author in 2012 and I balanced my roles as Mom, military wife and entrepreneur while building award-winning businesses.  I also had one devastating failure – losing hundreds of thousands of our own dollars on a failed software project at the same time two of our best clients went bankrupt in 2009. 

I use these experiences and perspectives, along with my gifts, skills and knowledge to guide individuals as they become Enlightened Capitalists who reinvent business to transform lives.

My clients have told me that I’m a breath of fresh air because I see things others don’t, try things others won’t and have high expectations for delivering exceptional experiences.  I also focus on business strategy, performance, employee and customer engagement, leadership, marketing and sales to develop long-term sustainable and meaningful businesses which create a positive impact with a shared higher-purpose.



You are an individual with a burning desire to make a difference

You are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, professional service provider, local business owner, aspiring entrepreneur or employee who is looking for guidance and support to create or reinvent your business to attract, engage and retain people who are aligned with your vision, purpose, higher-purpose and values.

You want to create a legacy which makes a difference in the lives of others, while positively impacting our planet.

You are tired of the fallacy that meeting short-term numbers means the business is successful.

You understand that success is much more — it’s about people, being sustainable, adding actual value to customer’s lives, lessening our environmental footprint, growing and developing leaders, making decisions which ensure the long term health of the organization (and its employees), creating positive experiences, seeing the trends and acting on them before others, and it’s about creating a high-performing culture so there is more profit to create a bigger impact.  

I have created a number of brands which help business leaders to become Enlightened Capitalists who grow their business, improve their business relationships and create a more sustainable, transformational, attractive and resourceful business.

Whether you need help to:

  • Find better people for your business
  • Retain great people
  • Increase your sales
  • Lower your expenses
  • Improve your productivity
  • Inspire more innovation
  • Expand your reach or
  • Show appreciation to those who contribute to your success

… you will find ways to do this with one or more of my brands.

My team includes specialists in leadership, culture, M&A, customer experience, employee engagement, finance, marketing, operations and turnarounds are available to assist as needed.




Enlightened Capitalist

You have a burning desire to create a legacy, make a difference and use business as a tool to transform lives. The Enlightened Capitalist community gives you the education and support to do so… VISIT SITE


Marquee Incentives

You know what you want and you need people to help. Marquee Incentives specializes in inspiring, recognizing and rewarding the right behaviors and actions to realize your vision.



We know that Mother Nature is great at keeping things in balance (provided humans don’t mess things up).  When YOU balance your personal vision, purpose, dreams, goals and values with your work, great things can happen.  I’m here to help you do that.

If you are a business owner — whether you are running a local Mom and Pop shop, a professional services company, or a company with up to approximately 500 employees* — you’ll find that my combination of business performance, engagement & experiences, and sustainability will help you to take your business to a higher level across multiple areas.  

It’s an unusual combination but it’s absolutely necessary.

If you focus solely on profit and performance at the expense of the environment and the people who enable the organization to achieve its goals, you are thinking short-term, which is unsustainable.

If you focus on using your business as a force for good by supporting all stakeholders and the planet without keeping an eye on performance, you are missing an opportunity to do better.

If you focus on all three areas you can BE Good, DO Good, AND DO Well.

*I have worked with empowered “entrepreneurial” executives in national and multinational corporations with thousands of employees too.


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